20 Mil SilverBack™ Reinforced Crawl Space Vapor Barrier


The 20 Mil SilverBack™ is made from 100% virgin polyethylene resin and reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester cord. This crawl space vapor barrier is ideal for use on the crawl space floor because it’s an actual 20 mil.

CrawlSpaceRepair.com states that it’s an actual 20 mil because it is measured at the plastic and not across the raised reinforcement threads like other brands are. This makes the SilverBack™ 20 Mil 30% thicker than the competitors 20 mil. Pay attention, others measure at those treads. Technically, you’re not getting a 20 mil vapor barrier unless you get the SilverBack™.

No other 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier compares to the SilverBack™. When we compare weights of the 20 Mil SilverBack™, it comes in at 105 pounds per 1000 square feet of product or 105 MSF. No other 20 mil vapor barrier on the market even comes close. The closest competitor 20 mil crawl space vapor barriers from the competition come in at 83 MSF and 74 MSF respectively.

The SilverBack™ brand is made and produced in the United States of America. The SilverBack™ product line does not contain any additives. There is no odor or off-gassing with this crawl space floor liner.


20 Mil SilverBack™ Appearance

The SilverBack™ is easly identified by it’s bright white face and silver colored back.

The 20 Mil SilverBack™ comes in 3 available roll sizes as follows;

  • 6’7.5″x100′ (675 sq ft)
  • 13’4″x50′ (675 sq ft)
  • 13’4″x90′ (1200 sq ft)

SilverBack™ Uses

20 Mil SilverBack™ is thick, durable and strong. As for crawl space traffic and storage, we grade it at medium to heavy storage. As you’ll see, these crawl space liners can withstand a lot.  We still recommend the use of the Felt550™ if the floor has objects that are sharp or at the point where you can’t move them.
Use the 20 Mil SilverBack™ on the floor and the 12 Mil SilverBack™ on the walls to keep the costs inside the budget.
20 Mil equals .020 inches